Tarot Reading

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“You are the Guru you Seek ~ Rod Paris

The Tarot is a divination system by and through which you can tap into the energy and information field of life to reveal to you the secrets hidden from your waking consciousness. A pack of 78 cards is used to gain insight and acquire a deeper understanding of the fabric of your life and how you can have greater control.

22 cards form the Major Arcana which represents spirit or that which is unseen. The realm of the spiritual is understood through these cards and how they influence life on the earth plane.

56 cards form the Minor Arcana represents the experience of daily living. These cards reflect the joys and sorrows we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

What will the tarot do for you?

Tarot is much more than a problem-solving tool. It brings about a harmonizing of the physical with the spiritual, thereby, uplifting and upgrading one’s life and filling it with the sweetness of fulfilment.