“We use Mind to manage the mind” ~ Rod Paris

What is meditation?

Meditation is essentially the way of being at one with oneself. Being in the zone; being in flow; meditation is then a state of beingness where you feel most expanded.
There are various methods that come under the umbrella of meditation.

In my understanding meditation can be active or passive. Active meditation is where the practitioner would control the process with a specific outcome in mind prior to meditating. This could be to use a specific method of breathing to bring about a peaceful or calm mind. Passive meditation can also be called receptive meditation where the practitioner does not have a specific outcome in mind and is receptive to ideas or impressions in the form of inspiration.

What are the tangible benefits of meditation?

There are scores of benefits that can be experienced when one meditates regularly for just fifteen minutes twice daily. I customize methods to meet your specific needs which will help you live the outcomes you desire.