Intuitive Development

“Know that life is a game. Once you succeed at one level, you automatically get access to the next” ~ Rod Paris

We all at some point in our life have experienced thinking of someone and we happen to bump into them on the street or we hear the phone ring and we know without a doubt who it is.

Imagine if you could develop these faculties and have greater control over your life?

What are some of the benefits?

Intuitive development gives you the gift that you really are back to yourself. It unleashes the divine through your mind-body system making life lighter and more joyous. Most of the time we so caught up in the thinking mind that we lose our body awareness. Our bodies are the subconscious mind made manifest. Developing your intuition will generate greater awareness and presence of being. The idea and practice are to get the mind and body to function as a unitary system powered by the cosmos.